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Aashna’s heart-to-heart on Art with INA PURI

In retrospect, art was a part of my environment and home, ever since I can remember. In Kolkata, our family was distinguished for its cultural & literary contributions from the early times of Independence and I grew up surrounded by creative people who taught me to appreciate art. My grandfather Manish Ghatak was a renowned litterateur, my grand uncle, Ritwik Ghatak, a filmmaker of distinction while in the next generation, my aunt, Mahasweta Devi was an author & activist who won international recognition for her brilliant work across the world. One of my earliest memories is visiting my granduncle Sankho Chowdhury’s studio in Baroda and looking at his sculptures, meeting his artist students and friends in Baroda. Years later, when I was working on my book, Faces of Indian Art, focussing on artist’s studios through the lens 

of Nemai Ghosh, I recollected how I had visited that magical space in Baroda, as a little girl. Even though I formally studied English, for my Masters, art remained for me, a subject of deep interest. Amongst my earliest art shows, was a solo of a young virtually unknown sculptor Pradip Mahanto, whose sculpture with found objects was quite outstanding for its time.


Art Dealer

A colloquy between Aashna Abrol and Dr UTA RUHKAMP

Our dialogue began with the genesis of her journey into the art field. She explained, “When I was young, I was a creative spirit and my parents used to take my sister and me to museums, castles etc. and travelled with us. After my A-Levels, I lived in Paris for a year being an au pair, learning French and figuring out what I truly wanted to do with my future. Due to my amateurish drawings and paintings, I was naturally drawn to all the museums and exhibitions happening in Paris. I dived into art history, visited studios of artists like Antoine Bourdelle or Ossip Zadkine and went to all the famous places where ‘the Bohème’ used to meet when Paris was the place to be for artists and intellectuals.

This had quite an effect on me and I decided to study art history, languages and cultural anthropology (ethnology). What followed is a long journey into the art world.”


Sangeeta Babani 


Sangeeta grew up in the south-east coast of Spain where she completed her formative and higher education. She has meticulously meshed both cultures of India and Spain in her paintings

Many of her earlier canvases are a blend of multiple worlds: seascape, idle European villages filled with water, the sky, quaint village houses and cafes and charming people. This is in contrast to her paintings of cities which reflect the world through her perspective as she views that world as it is today. She paints sky-scrapers, cars, people on mobile phones, nudity amidst a backdrop of the hustle and bustle of the busy city life what might be an ‘architectural abstraction’ with themes that touch on a quest to delve into the confusion of the individual with themselves and the relationship with the chaotic urban centres and mega-cities. Many times we encounter her figures acquiescing to the power of the populated mosaic of the metropolis.


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