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A Visionary life style

It makes great sense when the founder talks about the vision of her act. Know what makes Aashna to set up PozoArt and what it means to her. Watch the video to hear her thoughts about art and her goals. 


Turning the pages from the history of Modern Literature: An Introduction to LE CORBUSIER

He belonged to the first generation of the International school of architecture and his designs have the functionalism of the modern movement with striking expressionism. His project, with its wall of insulating and heating glass, is one of the finest examples of the architect’s gift to architecture. An admirer of art, history, drawing and naturalist aesthetics since his childhood, Le Corbusier is also known for his experiments in materials being used in architecture as well as furniture. He was known to have collaborated with the architect Charlotte Perriand and his cousin Pirre Jeanneret to design some most iconic and modernist furniture though it is difficult to put an exact date to the beginning of the collaboration. 


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Artist Of The Month

Glimpses of Neverland is an ode to Romanticism. It was a passionate feminine metaphor for eternal childhood, immortal motherhood, and an escapist wife. It was an intriguing experiment with colours, shapes, textures, and patterns. It was the first time when I had introduced memories as objects and forms as subjects to recreate the innocence of fairy tales with sardonic undertones that posed strange questions. The paintings emphasized more on the gestures, light, and compositions, creating an ingenious figment of my imagination.

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