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Our dialogue began with the genesis of her journey into the art field. She explained, “When I was young, I was a creative spirit and my parents used to take my sister and me to museums, castles etc. and travelled with us. After my A-Levels, I lived in Paris for a year being an au pair, learning French and figuring out what I truly wanted to do with my future. Due to my amateurish drawings and paintings, I was naturally drawn to all the museums and exhibitions happening in Paris. I dived into art history, visited studios of artists like Antoine Bourdelle or Ossip Zadkine and went to all the famous places where ‘the Bohème’ used to meet when Paris was the place to be for artists and intellectuals.

This had quite an effect on me and I decided to study art history, languages and cultural anthropology (ethnology). What followed is a long journey into the art world.”

A colloquy between Aashna Abrol and Dr UTA RUHKAMP

Thoughts behind the art

In talk with the artists.

Art Dealer

SHOBHA BROOTA speaks with Aashna Abrol about her sustenance of passion and creative learning

Shobha Broota is one of the established contemporary Indian artists, who has rotated the wheel of abstraction in an invigorating dimension. Brought up in a family that nurtured his artistic values from childhood, she feels privileged of having learned arts, music and dance long back before her professional career had begun. Her paintings chart an earthly layer but generate meanings that are deeper and transcendental. While viewing many of her paintings, I felt engulfed in an evocative silence they emanated, leaving me entrenched in resonant harmony for a while. Moreover, Shobha is a Sangeet Visharad in Classical Music.

Having spoken with Shobha on the phone, not only we exchanged our common love for taking up immediate challenges but I also learned the significance of creativity irrespective of what medium one selects. She taught at St. Thomas School and Triveni Kala Sangam from 1964 to 1970 and 1970 to 1994, respectively. At the same time, sharing her childhood stories, she sportingly tells us that as a kid her teachers described her ‘reticent’.

Artist of the month

Sanjay Roy

"Sanjay Roy Artist & Teacher at Triveni Kala Sangam

The quest is much deeper and holistic than it appears, leaving all those who choose to delve into it with an honest understanding of the fabric of life and its yearning.

Submerged in the platonic chaos, Sanjay’s body of artworks have a depth of unnecessary tension and is capable of moving freely on the canvas space. He amply captures the humanistic essence looking for a higher and deeper meaning as possessing the capacity to move effortlessly and joyously within the societal milieu, a place where one is subjected to critical viewing. Humans are naturally inhibited and are also inevitably tugged at two ends because of our conscience; this essence is truly and most humbly captured in Sanjay’s artworks.

Sanjay’s works are thus a humane amalgamation of mobility and sound. He manages to unify and integrate the body, the voices, the thoughts and the emotions; in the same ensemble, the true focus is on everything, on the total living space. 

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