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About PozoART

PozoART is a website founded and run by Aashna Vivek Abrol, an art connoisseur and Vice President of Woman Respect Foundation (also called Nari Samman Sanghatan). She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Material Science and Engineering from University of Washington- Seattle. Aashna is also the Chair for the Arts Appreciation Chapter of the All Ladies League, an organization run by the NGO Women’s Economic Forum. She was honoured with the Young Woman of Excellence Award by the same NGO in 2019. 

“Art to me is not judgmental, it does not expect, you won’t disappoint it, it does not come with a manual.” 


About Aashna Abrol

After moving to India, Aashna was smitten by the Indian artists and their work. Her love for these masterpieces drove her to partake in auctions and visit galleries. Aashna was strongly fascinated by the perspective that artists have about the world around them. 

She eventually became close to the Padamsee’s and helped them in archiving and researching all of Akbar’s works.

She then trained under master artist Mr Rameshwar Broota in Delhi and so began Aashna’s journey to understanding art from the artist’s perspective. Traveling PAN India she has met artist from various backgrounds, visited public galleries as well as private collections. 


Aashna believes that every form of art is autobiographical; an artist splashes the colours of his experiences and emotion on the canvas. 

“Artists live in a different world and see the world differently, they live differently. I learned new things about, things I already knew”  

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