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B. Vithal (India)

1935 - 1992


Sunil Badgelwar








32 x 38 x 13 inches

Lifting from the ground and filling space with its monumental intuitive structure and form B.Vithal’s “Bull” represents and sets the foundation of an everlasting signature style of the artist. The “Bull” sculpture was completed in 1969 and last auctioned in 2018 when it was auctioned to an imminent art collector, Abeer Abrol.


A consummate master of sculpture B. Vithal was a master of the human form. An alumnus of the prestigious J.J. School of Art,  Vithal’s voluptuous sculpture boasted curvy forms to create a space of substance and beauty through their exaggerated proportions. A Mumbai-based artist Vithal painted and sculpted in the city throughout his life.


In his career Vithal like his compatriot M.F. Husain painted-signboards and designed the decor for events due to financial difficulties. Like Husain, Vithal had a propensity for using textures and various materials. “He worked with graphite, watercolour, chalk, oil, stone, bronze, aluminium and fibreglass amongst other mediums.”


His sculpting career took off in the latter part of his life when he focussed on sculpture. He had been quoted as saying, “ ...sculpting is a more tangible experience than painting.”


His famous “bull” series was monumental in its metaphorical representation of humanity in its depiction of animals represented through inspiration from Hindu mythology and philosophy. The “bull” series was applauded by critics because of the ability to exude sheer power and force through their shape and form which projected emotion and movement. . Vithal’s works like many artists are based on aesthetic forms, structures, textures, colour and composition. What sets him apart is his ability and attention to workmanship and his iconography of Hindu history, myth and thought.


Vithal was married to eminent artist B. Prabha and passed away in 1992.

This puts the focus on the complementary nature of relationships in nurturing creativity. In observation one notices the diametrically different style of both B. Vithal and his wife B. Prabha in their artworks yet at closer perusal one can’t help but notice they both have a keen acumen and understanding of humanity and nature and like all great artists their thinking was based on their own perception of the world thus their divergent styles both equally viable, powerful and absorbing.

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