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Laxma Gaud (India)

21 Aug 1940 


Gift Laxma Gaud










This painting by Goud is a departure from his earlier bright palettes. Keeping with his signature style Goud focuses on form and simplicity. The colours are deep greens, ochre, greys and browns keeping with the wistful and thoughtful gaze of his muse. A young lady who is looking out at a distance.

Her hand is resting on her chin as if she is thinking and pondering over something. His use of yellow is symbolic as it gives religious tone to the painting by suggesting the character is adorned with sandalwood on her forehead ad a sign of light and devotion. The patterning of the flowers in her hair highlights the motifs used by the artist in her attire, jewellery and hair. This gives the painting an artistic touch and continuity.

The painting captures a rustic, yet romantic mood in its totality. The skin tones of sienna correspond with the rich opaque raw tone of the painting. It has an earthy, quiet dignity in its characterisation of the muse who in typical Goud style is wearing ethnic attire and jewellery. Though subtle in colour and contrast to many of his works the brilliance in the gentleness the character emanates is the hallmark of Goud’s inimitable style.

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